Featured Book of the Month




1. The Economy of the Triune God
2. The All-sufficient Spirit
3. The Residence of the Divine Spirit
4. The Key to the Indwelling Spirit
5. The Persons of God and the Parts of Man
6. The Inward and the Hidden Parts
7. The Function of the Inward and the Hidden Parts
8. Dealing with the Heart and the Spirit
9. Dealing with the Soul
10. The Digging of Our Inward and Hidden Parts
11. Discerning the Spirit from the Soul
12. Man and the Two Trees
13. The Cross and the Soul-life
14. The Principle of the Cross
15. The Principle of Resurrection
16. The Riches of Resurrection
17. The Fellowship of Life and the Sense of Life
18. The Exercise of and Entrance into the Spirit
19  The Hidden Christ in Our Spirit
20. The Tripartite Man and the Church
21. The Building of God’s Dwelling Place
22. The Covering of God’s Building
23. The Church—God Manifested in the Flesh
24. The Vision of the Mark of God’s Economy