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Robert Govett

The Obedience, Responsibility and Reward of the Believer

This book contains articles by Robert Govett (1803-1901), an independent pastor of Surrey Chapel, Norwich, Norfolk, England. He recovered various truths such as those relating to the second coming of Christ and the kingdom as a reward, the nature of the Church, obedience and testimony, and the twofoldness of truth.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Are Dissenters from the “Church of England” Guilty of Schism
  • Baptism an Act of Faith, of Obedience, and of Salvation
  • The Gift and the Prize
  • The Lamp and Its Stand
  • The Millennial Kingdom One of Reward
  • The Twofoldness of Divine Truth
  • A Word to Antimillenarians
  • Bibliography