Featured Book of the Month

Seen and Heard

By James M’Kendrick

Seen and Heard is an autobiography of a very effective gospel preacher in the late 19th-early 20th century. The reason for his effectiveness was not his gift of evangelism but the spirit of the gospel that motivated him. Watchman Nee has the following to say about this book: “I particularly love this book Seen and Heard because we can say that Brother James M’Kendrick did not have the gift of preaching the gospel, but only the spirit of preaching the gospel. He was an ordinary man just like us. There was nothing special about him, but his heart was melted by the Lord’s love, and he was extremely anxious for the needs of sinners. He could love, and he could cry. He could pray, and he could shout. The Lord’s love was so strong in him that he was not able to refrain himself. Man’s need made him restless day and night.”


1. Birth and Boyhood
2. My Conversion
3. Confession and First Converts
4. First Attempt at Preaching
5. The Revival
6. Launching Out
7. A Holiday
8. How the Door Opened
9. Visit to Gourdon
10. Visit to Boddam
11. Dundee and Happy Ned
12. Across the Tay
13. Visit to Stornoway
14. Shetland Islands
15. My Marriage
16. Ferryden Revival
17. A Perilous Adventure
18. Gamrie and Crovie
19. Fraserburgh and Broadsea
20. Rosehearty Revival
21. Findochty Revival
22. Sandend Revival
23. Nairn Revival
24. Hopeman Revival
25. A Trip to Shetland and a Storm
26. Cellardyke Revival
27. Portknockie’s Visitation
28. Portessie Revival
29. Gospel Carriage Work
30. Gospel Carriage Experiences
31. Apology and Explanation
32. Labours in General
33. Visits to Dublin
34. A 500-Pence Debtor
35. Conversion of a Christless Christian
36. “Drunken Isac”
37. “A Poor Drunken Mither”
38. Fruit in Camelon
39. Incidents: Interesting and Amusing
40. Voyage to Australia
41. First Mission in Australia
42. Bush and Back Block Experiences
43. Bush and Back Block Preaching