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By Watchman Nee



Preface to the English Edition


  1. The Apostles
  2. The Separation and Movements of the Apostles
  3. The Elders Appointed by the Apostles
  4. The Churches Founded by the Apostles
  5. The Basis of Union and Division
  6. The Work and the Churches
  7. Among the Workers
  8. The Question of Finance
  9. The Organization of Local Churches

During conferences held in Shanghai and Hankow, Watchman Nee spoke to his fellow-workers on the principles in the New Testament concerning the practical arrangement of the churches, the ministry and the work. He declared “It is our desire to accept and proclaim the whole Word of God….We seek to follow the leading of God’s Spirit, but at the same time we seek to pay attention to the examples shown us in His Word. The leading of the Spirit is precious, but if there is no example in the Word, then it is easy to substitute our fallible thoughts and unfounded feelings for the Spirit’s leading, drifting into error without realizing it.” In his speaking, he honestly examined his own work before the Lord in the light of these principles, provided adjustment and encouragement to his co-workers, and confirmed through personal testimony that the practice of the normal Christian church life revealed in the New Testament can be recovered.