Featured Book of the Month


By Watchman Nee



Concerning Watchman Nee

  1. The Blood of Christ
  2. The Cross of Christ
  3. The Path of Progress: Knowing
  4. The Path of Progress: Reckoning
  5. The Divide of the Cross
  6. The Path of Progress: Presenting Ourselves to God
  7. The Eternal Purpose
  8. The Holy Spirit
  9. The Meaning and Value of Romans Seven
  10. The Path of Progress: Walking in the Spirit
  11. One Body in Christ
  12. The Cross and the Soul Life
  13. The Path of Progress: Bearing the Cross
  14. The Goal of the Gospel

There is no set formula for living the Christian life. There is no human practice that results in normal spiritual growth. The failures that many Christians experience in following the Lord testify of our need for something that is not fashioned according to this age. They testify of our need for Christ Himself, particularly the resurrected and living Christ who indwells us believers. His life is the source of a normal Christian life. His life can be the source of our living.

Over the last fifty years, The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee has helped hundreds of thousands of believers walk along a normal path of spiritual growth. His book speaks of the power of the Lord’s precious blood and the effectiveness of His cross in bringing every believer into a daily living and enjoyment of Himself.